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Jietong technology is about to upgrade DDM4A5 Series Profibus digital display table
Release Time:2012-2-2 Read:3984Times   Print this page || Close windows
In order to meet the demand of high-end customer service,Jietong Technology upcoming CMDxA5 Series Profibus the dp digital display table, the following differences:

1: The table plastic shell of the original DDMxA5 Series Profibus DP digital display table to upgrade to full aluminum matte black shell;

2: wiring the plug-in terminal, to facilitate pre-wiring and repair;

3: the Profibus DP connection also improved DP dedicated connections and terminal connections, users can choose according to their needs;

4 digital display: CMDxA5 the Profibus DP table shows the way in addition to the retain DDMxA5 display, but also increase the floating-point display

That for floating-point display, without the need to write the floating-point conversion in the master program to display the table, but directly acceptable floating-point and displayed

CMDxA5, simple and convenient;

5: CMDxA5 digital display table in the back panel, two settings display table station address parameters button to replace the original terminal and wiring set. CMDxA5 currently available CMD4A5, CMD5A5L CMD6A5L display table size. Installation way with DDMxA5 of series similar

Introduced at the same time CMDxA5 series display table DDMxA5 series table will continue to supply, in order to meet the old customer service spare parts and special user needs!
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