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Jietong Technology Co., Ltd., Deyang City is now located in Deyang City, Sichuan Province Jingyang Taishan Road, Sec. 2, less than 4 km from the Chengdu-Mianyang Expressway entrance, north of Mianyang City, south of the Sichuan provincial capital Chengdu, from Chengdu 60 km, the highway is only 30 minutes to reach. Transportation connections, the north-south railway to medium-sized cities across the three cities, two counties area. Deyang City, not only with a long history and splendid culture, but also a modern industrial city. China Heavy Machinery Company, Dongfang Electrical Machinery Factory, Dongfang Steam Turbine Works to settle in here.
Jietong Technology Co., Ltd., with its own technical strength, riding the strong east wind of the western development, and is willing to controlled areas of the new and old customers to make its own contribution to the continuous development of China's automation and control
Jietong Technology Co., Ltd. set many years experience in various types of industrial automation and control applications in a reliable, flexible, high-quality, low-cost principles of programmable controllers (PLC) and its surrounding intelligent products research, development.
The company keep up with the advanced technology of international industrial areas, lots of manpower, material resources, research and field bus systems (FCS), intelligent building systems. Currently, the company has developed and produce DDM CMD PLC surrounding intelligent products and fieldbus products can meet the needs of all types of modern automatic control engineering. The company also Valet OEM design, development, production and special, special equipment and intelligent products, or even to meet the requirements of the customer OEM OEM.
The company also undertake a variety of automation and control systems engineering, installation and commissioning.
Business Scope:
Automatic control products, intelligent instrumentation, manufacturing, sales, automatic control systems, computer systems, communication systems design, installation and system integration, mechanical and electrical equipment installation
Sales Telephone (TEL) :0838-2363715/13778278660/13778278661 Fax (FAX) :0838-2,363,725 / 2363715 ext 619
Technical Support Hotline :0838-2363725/2363715 turn 618/13778278660 (12:30 ~ 14:00 lunch break)
Week 6, Sunday Closed
Sales-mail: JTKJ2363725@163.com   Technical-mail: JTKJ2363715@163.com

Technical support QQ: 39,766,165 --- can provide remote technical assistance
Address: Room 201, Deyang City, Taishan, Sec 226 (Taishan South Road and Zhujiang West Road Interchange)
Postal Code: 618000

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Sales (TEL) :0838-2363715/13778278660/13778278661 Fax (FAX) :0838-2363715  transferred 619 weeks 6, Sunday rest
Technical support :0838 -2363715 ext 616/13778278660 (12:30 ~ 14:00 lunch break)
39,766,165 --- can provide remote technical assistance
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